Aesthetic Reverb

Posted by on Aug 31, 2016 in Misc, Thoughts & Fragments

Meaning and culture reverberate in stranger ways than we’re accustomed to considering. Strong metatextual patterns can sometimes occur, such as one that I came across recently: an aesthetic fragment that began in a 1976 documentary, contributed to electronic music developed in the 90s, and helped frame a radio documentary released in 2013 that revisited a location from the 1976 documentary (using the 90s music as backing). Each of the three works are evocative in their own right; however, combined as a web, all of them become a hyper-charged view of their subject: mid-century optimism through the lens of a utopian mining community in Northern Quebec.


Design Innovations for Canadian Settlements by Bruce Mackay, National Film Board of Canada


Music is Math by Boards of Canada [my choice of this song over any other is arbitrary]

Mur-Écran, The Windscreen [2013 CBC Radio Documentary]