cm_headshotGreg Whistance-Smith, M.Arch, is an interdisciplinary scholar and designer rooted in Edmonton.

My research is concerned with the relationship between design, technology, and culture, and I am currently a graduate student in Humanities Computing at the University of Alberta. My previous research has explored how buildings embody and communicate cultural values to their inhabitants, particularly in the case of public libraries. That work drew on a range of disciplines including linguistics, cognitive science, and philosophy.

My work in architecture has been driven by a desire to understand how spaces can positively impact their inhabitants. I believe that design has a key role in constructing a more egalitarian society, and that good design shouldn’t be a luxury only affordable to some. A pragmatic and ethical design practice searches for approaches that use finite resources wisely. The way I conceptualize and practice design has been strongly influenced by the work and writings of Alvar and Aino Aalto, Rudolf Schindler, Frank Chimero, and Kenya Hara.

Additionally, I’ve been involved in the independent videogames scene since 2007 as a hobbyist designer/developer. The expressive potential of this new medium is immense, and it shares a number of striking and under-appreciated parallels with architecture.

I can be reached at gwhistancesmith [at] gmail [dot] com.