Expressive Space Footage

In writing Expressive Space, I wanted to embrace the role of curator and introduce readers to some exceptional video games that they may not be familiar with. I also had the hope that some readers with a background in architecture, but without much knowledge of video games, may give the book a chance due to the perspective I bring.

In both cases, however, it meant readers would be approaching my book without having any familiarity of the examples that I discuss. Conveniently, we live in an era when footage of most video games is easily available online, even though there can be a lot of it to wade through.

Hence this post, containing curated footage of the twelve video games I discuss in the book. I hope it offers a quick reference for readers new to these games, or new to video games in general. Of course any of these links are liable to break, so please fire me an email if you discover that has occurred.

Chapter 3: Exploration and Inhabitation

Chapter 4: Kinetic Rhythms

Chapter 5: Enaction

Chapter 6: Perception