Prairie Infill Catalogue

Edmonton and other Canadian cities are currently moving to get rid of single-family zoning, with the aim of densifying mature neighbourhoods. While this is a laudable goal, much current infill construction is decontextualized and disrespectful towards the garden city character of older prairie suburbs, giving cause for concern.

Responding to this broader context, Shane Hauser and I decided to explore the architectural possibilities around sensitively densifying mature areas, attempting to develop new architectural types that meet current needs. We have been inspired by the mentality of the postwar CMHC Small House Catalogues, where architects developed practical housing types intended to be built en-masse.

Our first five design shown here are for a split-level garage suite, a front/back duplex, a stacked duplex, a live/work terrace house, and compact courtyard apartment.

We hope to see these designs constructed in collaboration with local developers and builders in the coming years. Plans available upon request.